Jen Burke, Professional Organizer




If you are looking for empowerment to achieve your goals through organization, you have come to the right place.  Our society of abundance and limited time translates to more clutter and disorganization. JKB Organizing can help regain control of your life by organizing your belongings, your space and your time.

Just as a personal trainer tailors a workout plan for each client, Jen Burke of JKB Organizing realizes that each client will think, learn and relate differently to becoming organized. She provides clients with a new way of thinking about their “stuff”, and demonstrates that the answer to becoming organized does not lie within another organizing container or organizing tip. Jen will provide you with all of the skills needed for SUSTAINABLE RELIEF to live the life you have always strived for.                                                                                                         
When you are ready to make a change JKB Organizing is ready to help


JKB Organizing provides:

• Hands on, side-by-side support
• Complete confidentiality
• Absolute honesty
• Total non-judgement
• Exceptional customer service
• Incomparable follow-up and maintenance

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