Jen Burke, Professional Organizer




"Jen Burke is, quite simply, my secret to success. Jen comes to the rescue and creates organizational systems for me everywhere - at home, at the office and in my home office - systems which are practical and easy to maintain. She has the ability to create order out of chaos in any space"  

Anne Worcester
Tournament Director, New Haven Open at Yale
Chief Marketing Officer, Market New Haven  

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"We were not sure what to do with all of our ‘important stuff’. The paper had become overwhelming and we had run out of room to file everything. We were having trouble deciding what we wanted to save, what we actually needed to save and how and where we ought to save it. So, we called Jen Burke. She was able to sift through years and years of our files and memorabilia and create a ‘system’ that works. Jen is very knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy and we are truly grateful for the service she provided. We strongly recommend Jen’s business capabilities and expertise to

Lawrence R. Noble
Managing Director
DHR International

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"Just like every woman in America, I am way over extended. Whenever I needed to find an important document, speech, or business card, I had to literally turn my home and my life upside down for weeks in a flurry of frantic activity! Then, I found Jen. I now have a wonderful system that works beautifully and helps me to lead my best life. Every day...every speech, every file, every piece of paper that I can now easily find...makes me grateful for Jen.”

Patricia Russo


Women’s Campaign School at Yale University

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"We could not have completed our recent move without Jen’s incredible organizational expertise. What a devoted, responsible, capable professional. I can put my finger on any document, school calendar, health or insurance record in a flash."

H. Richards

Moved from Darien Connecticut to California



"I started using Jen to help get my life under control. I am a total “packrat” and needed someone to help sift through my stuff. She is efficient and amazing at what she does. When I moved two years ago, I delivered my fourth child the same day as our move. Jen was there to ensure everything was done right away! I would highly recommend her services. It is well worth every dollar!

Mimi Maclean
Darien, CT  

Jen Burke is the owner of JKB Organizing, a Darien, Connecticut based professional organizing business, founded in 2006. Her mission is to help clients lift the burden of clutter and take back control of their schedules and time, their paper, their belongings, their surroundings and their lives...
to raise awareness of the benefits of living an organized life, one client at a time!   

Jen works with busy moms and individuals, small business owners, corporate executives, teachers and seniors
. While realizing we cannot control everything in our lives, through organization we can control more than our clients ever thought possible. Jen provides customized systems which increase productivity, confidence, reduce stress, save money and free up valuable time.   

A graduate of Lynchburg College, Jen is a member of several professional organizations including National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO),
a NAPO Golden Circle member since 2012. She is also active with FOCUS Organizers, a group comprised of Fairfield Countyʼs top professional organizers. In addition, Jen served as Vice President of the National Association of Professional Organizers Connecticut chapter from 2010-2012 and is its current Secretary.

Jen resides with her husband and two children in Darien, Connecticut where she is
an active member of the community.

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